This is an introductory article to kick off my blog ( which is focussed on the field of Artificial Intelligence. The articles published on this blog will normally fall under the following themes:

  • Introductions - where I will be posting gentle introductions to concepts within the field of Artificial Intelligence. These introductions are intended for everyone, especially those who are interested in learning about something new. No scientific background or pre-existing knowledge of the subject is expected. These will normally complement a corresponding video.
  • Applications - where I will be showing these concepts in action, either in the context of real-world or synthetic problems. These will require some knowledge of programming, and will normally rely on popular and easy to use software libraries, e.g. Keras.
  • Research - where I will be posting articles which complement my research directions, including worked-through examples and preliminary results.

There are already two videos published under the Introductions theme:

Evolutionary Algorithms

Multi-Objective Problems

All the content published as part of this initiative will be completely free with no form of monetisation. I look forward to seeing your comments. You can also find me on Twitter.

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