Following on from the last session on Teaching with Unity:

There are many of us who are passionate about computing, computer science, and teaching both. In practice it's often teaching that is the easy part and learning that is the hard part. For example, it can be easy for a lecturer to stand in front of a class for an hour and cover various topics in computer science, but keeping students engaged can be a real challenge. Many variables impact the maintenance of engagement throughout a taught session, but one approach I've had success with is to make use of video games.

Teaching with Unity - Part 1

The second video has been live streamed and saved on YouTube for later viewing:

The session was focussed on extending the project from the previous session (available on GitHub: to add the following features:

  • High Score System,
  • Data Persistence,
  • Spawning Collectible Stars (point givers),
  • and Game Management (e.g. restart after losing).

It was an enjoyable experience and I may return to the format in the future. In the meantime I will be looking at creating shorter video lectures which are edited locally and uploaded once exported. I have found that the editing abilities through YouTube for live streamed videos are a bit limited, and the experience through the browser can be slow!

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