I've created an instructional video on how to get up and running with Strapi in around 12 minutes. Strapi is a node.js headless CMS which I've been using for in several projects, ranging from mobile applications to Unity3D solutions. You can watch the video on YouTube:

In the video we cover the following:

  • What's Strapi and why would we use it;
  • How to get up and running with Strapi quickly;
  • How to build a quick solution for a little guestbook application;
  • and how to use web requests to interact with the API.

Strapi markets itself as an efficient API creation tool that lets you get your website or application up and running quickly. I have to agree with them - my own installations of Strapi are running with very little memory or computational overhead. They also took very little to set up and configure.

What you get with Strapi is a helpful admin panel, a framework, some very useful default plugins, and many more plugin contributions from their community. Strapi is also open source, meaning you can extend it to suit your own needs, or even become a contributor as part of the community.

Check out the video to get up and running quickly!

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